We Sort Letters or Flats.  At Incredible Speeds.

Bell and Howell Apex

MLOCR Letter Sorting Capabilities 

  • Bell & Howell Apex 240 Bins
  • 3 MLOCRS (letter) 120,000 letters per hour
  • 1 MLOCR (flats) 25,000 per hour
  • Net Source Software

Sorting billions of pieces of mail each day is routine business for the United States Postal Service.  However, if you want to optimize routing any mail piece through the postal system, your best option would be to use the services of a print and mail shop.  

That’s because professional print and mail handlers, not only work hand in hand with the USPS, they also invest in machines that manage large volumes of mail.   In fact, handling virtually any mail type is a challenge most marketers face almost daily.

However, as a leading MLOCR provider, Dove Direct can efficiently sort all types of mail piece designs including heavyweight, heavy-letter, slick/glossy, tall mail and much more.  Our MLOCR sorting machines mean that we can process more mail than ever before, with operating speeds up to 120,000 letters per hour, and 25,000 flats per hour.  Dove Direct’s usage of the Bell & Howell MLOCR systems mean that we can barcode mail, while providing you with significant postage discounts, accurate addressing, and if need be, automatically forward mail to a new address. 

Multiline Optical Character Reader, or MLOCR, uses optical character recognition technology to efficiently determine how to route mail through the postal system.  As the USPS pursues increasing levels of automation to control cost and improve services, the importance of address quality also increases. 

The USPS aggressively works to ensure that the National Address Database and the National Change of Address Database are accurate and up-to-date. In partnership with licensed and certified vendors of directory services and supporting software, the Postal Service must also support the mailing community in ensuring the accuracy of its mailing lists and postal code generation software.  MLOCRs decode information from the address line.  By automating mail sorting, Dove Direct can save you time and money, not to mention, increase overall customer satisfaction. 

Dove Direct ranks among the Southeast's top commercial printers, and we are certified by the United States Postal Service as a fully automated MLOCR Presort Bureau. 

To learn how we can increase the efficiency of your mail pieces, optimize your postage discounts, and ensure that your marketing campaigns arrive on-time at the right place, contact Dove Direct today!