Variable Digital Printing Choices

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What is Variable Digital Printing?

Variable Digital Printing (VDP) is an over-arching all inclusive print technology that provides graduated digital printing levels that build results and increase ROI potential.

Browse through the tabs to explore how digital printing levels can affect your outcome and which level best suits your print requirements.


What is Static Short-Run Printing?

Static short-run printing includes high-quality, full
color applications where the information within each document does not vary.  Digital printing can alleviate the high cost of offset printing for small quantities or for multiple paper types.

You can print as little as one run or collate multiple documents, as well as multiple paper stocks with our IGen 4 digital production color press.  IGen4 technology reduces the number of steps for multiple print initiatives.

What is Version Printing?

Version printing contains applications that
follow a standard design and layout, that nonetheless include unique content, or language revisions for specific markets or audiences.

Digital color printing provides multiple, short press runs that reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

What is Personalized Printing?

Personalized printing produces a unique document for each recipient, and seamlessly integrates the names and addresses into
the copy.

Dove Direct's iGen4 technology provides printing personalization to exceed just an individual mailing address or a simplistic black color text change.

What is Customized Printing?

Customized printing contains personalized applications which provides the ability to change images based on market segmentation requirements. This application ensures that your images will become more relevant to each specific group of people.

In this age of visual communication, it is imperative to produce your images on cutting edge, high quality printers.  Dove Direct's iGen4 digital printer will open up new categories of visual messaging that can improve value and increase response rates.

What is Transactional Printing?

Transactional printing allows for financial, data graphs, charts and other applications that integrate customized and personalized content.

Dove Direct's iGen4 technology enables hi-res, full color digital printing "on-the-fly," accessing data from each recipient's file.

What is Fully Customized Printing?

Fully Customized Printing printing incorporates various blends of personalized/customized applications that are devised to include text, images, graphics, and layouts that are unique for each recipient.

Dove Direct's iGen4 technology provides complex automated printing customization processes that can fulfill the most demanding criteria.  This will increase productivity and grow R.O.I.

What is Automated Fulfillment?

Automated Fulfillment is an exceptionally efficient workflow that supports the entire production of digital color print material, which is automated upon request.

Automated Fulfillment streamlines the origination, assembly and shipment of all print communications.

Printing Services

Offset, Variable Digital Printing, and finishing services are available for your standard or complex projects.

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