• Automated Data Exchange

    Automated Data Exchange

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  • Refocus Marketing

    Refocus Marketing

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Data Management Services

Managing data, delivering on business objectives, and providing best of breed services is the foundation of any direct marketing entity. At Dove Direct, we help companies and governments explore and manage the data to understand trends, design new campaigns, track and monitor the success of your marketing, and analyze metrics to maximize the value you get from your data.

Our staff can provide critical insights and best practices that you can use to understand your customers better, improve efficiencies, gain relevant industry insights, manage, and analyze your data.

Do you need data management services? Are you looking for a service to meet your immediate or long-term needs? You can chat with a Dove Direct Sales Representative at (404) 629-0122, or Contact Us to assist you in finding the right data management scope, services, and products to meet your needs.

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We offer a host of enterprise data management services to give you a clear view of your company’s risk, customer loyalty, and total costs from end to end.
Here are the resources that we offer:
  • List Management - Increase sales and lower your acquisition costs with quality lists and data
  • Residential, Commercial & Targeted Lists - A full range of B2B, B2C and custom targeted lists by customer or industry
  • NCOA Processing - Lower postage and lists costs while maintaining customer relationships with USPS Database address processing
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Automate data exchange and streamline transaction processing, increase productivity, and reduce or eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Process and Systems Management - Optimize the process to improve operational efficiency and create business value
Dove Direct can help you achieve the following:
  • Update Data
  • Expedite data quality checks
  • Create a consistent, reusable format
  • Enhance and append customer records
  • Validate, standardize and parse customer data

If customer analysis and data hygiene are the types of challenges you face, Dove Direct can help.  Our data management services have helped clients across industries use their organization’s data for maximum results.

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