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Welcome to the Dove Direct Print and Marketing Blog. Today's post, "Marketing Trends Under the Radar," reveals behaviors that are coming on board without fanfare or glowing marketing reviews. Remember when Google launched in 1994, and most failed to see the potential of immersive search? For that matter, not many in the computer world foresaw how big Apple would become? The point is that trends can explode at any moment, and in many cases, brands and marketers fail to spot them at right the time to capitalize on them.

One can argue that marketing has evolved more rapidly over the past five years than in the last five decades. The speed and velocity by which marketing changes plays a pivotal role in terms of consumer behavior and the evolution of marketing.

Creating meaningful marketing strategies that take advantage of burgeoning trends is an ongoing task of monumental proportions. That adage of staying ahead of the curve relies primarily on being able to identify the curve before you are in it. That said, here are a few trends that are flying high under the radar that can be groundbreaking in terms of strategy.

Videos Lead Viral

The leading marketing trend that has risen to surpass all others is video. Video has driven YouTube to become the second leading social media channel after Facebook. Video these days is not your old VHS, or the digital online nemesis "Buffer," waiting for bandwidth central to deliver a non-stop, non-disruptive viewing experience. Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and others, all run videos on autoplay. In most instances, viewers can sit and listen, as autoplay ensures that all videos play.

Due to the speed by which videos load and play, more videos run, and more garner precious seconds in viewing time due to the abundance of videos. In this environment, the video must grab the viewer out of the gate, as that is the nature of online video viewing.

However, the good news is that consumers love sharing videos on social media. This year, 70% of consumers are doing so, and some brands are capitalizing on this video behavior trend.

More than 70% of businesses state that video is improving conversion rates. In addition, 52% of consumers believe that viewing promotional product videos lifts their confidence levels for online purchase decisions. We also know that Millennials have a propensity and preference to receive brand updates, product offerings, and catalogs via direct mail, but now, Millennials are receiving credit as the leading demographic responsible for the video surge. Therefore, marketers and brands should consider using both direct mail and video marketing to take more advantage of the video marketing trend.

Machines Take Control

As fans of the Transformers saga, and of course the Terminator series, wherein both camps, machines were leading the way, either for good or for destroying things. In the marketing world, we are also aware that tech gurus have been on record that AI will become ubiquitous in a majority of software products and services by 2020.

As nations grapple with attaining sustainable GDP levels, PwC is predicting that AI-machine learning will increase global GDP by up to 14% by 2030.

AI, Chatbot technology and automated data driving marketing campaigns are in full swing, and being adopted each passing day. Marketers and brands are beginning to understand that AI technology can better identify and target various demographic groups, and as a result, more will invest in AI tech. While some are skeptical of AI and the slew of automated systems available, it should not go unnoticed that they also believe AI can displace authority, job security, and of course, privacy concerns.

The critical take away here is that Millennials and GenZers are driving the bus and are embracing AI technology. These native digitalites are fearless in their belief that AI is a boon to business, innovation, and the future. These folks don't equate AI as a detriment. Conversely, they believe AI is a growth technology.

Yesteryear Marketing Comes Back

In the event you haven't noticed, specific marketing trends are pointing to the emergence of period content. Movies, commercials, television series, the rise of neon graphic treatments, and period content are mainstream again. In short, it would appear that there is a nostalgic trend emerging. Many folks would refer to this type of content as retro.

Volkswagen has recreated a retro camper that comes in neon colors, while Netflix's "Stranger Things" is a huge success. For that matter, Game of Thrones was also a period piece set in the days of dragons, swords, bows and arrows, and castles. Retro experiences are happening all around us and are finding ways into the marketing universe as a new opportunity.

One could argue the main reason that retro is becoming a thing, is that in the days of old, the world and its nations were more hopeful and positive. Contrast that against today's world, where digital communication often crosses over into negative posts, that border if not cross into bullying, and you may understand why retro is cool again.

That said, Millennials are again leading the charge in their quest for retro communications, as retro content reeks of authenticity and trustworthiness, thereby feeding their need for an emotional connection. Millennials are interested in brands from a historical perspective, and therefore a brands' past is just as important as its future.

Let's face it, digital communication while quick and instantaneous is mostly impersonal. Retro or nostalgic content represents a more robust area for brands to cement personalization. The real take away here is that retro or nostalgic communication messaging better humanizes the brand experience, as it has the opportunity to merge connections of the past and present.

It's Vegan Time

The rise of veganism is all around us and points to folks rethinking most everything when it comes to climate change. Recent reports state that climate change's massive intake of CO2 covers a wide swath of human-operated systems that should be curtailed. Farm animals produce massive CO2, which is why we now see meatless burgers from Burger King and others.

Add the instantaneous effects of social media communication, and now cultural changes are continually being discussed, and as a result, marketers are tapping into this cultural evolution. Just take a look at Instagram, where vegan culture is blossoming, and again it's the Millennials and GenZers leading the way. Still, Millennials and GenZers relate to sincerity, authentic purposes and above all, respect for their positions.

The Net-Net

These trends should be taken seriously, although they are in the burgeoning stages of acceptance, brands, and marketers that board the train early will be the ones most likely to emerge with increased revenue and brand loyalty. Thanks for reading "Marketing Trends Under the Radar."

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